One Piece Chapter 1105 Raw

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One Piece Chapter 1105 Raw
Chapter 1105 title The Height of Folly (or The Peak of Stupidity)


Carrot making stew and having a taste sample
Beginning Note: “Justice will rain down impartially to all…!”

All the marines running away to the ships and screaming : “Hurry up Everyone let’s get off the island”

Doll: “Saturn & Admiral Borsalino! Please hurry to the ship!”

Saturn: Me and Kizaru will remain here within the island… As soon as the preparations are all set, commence the bombardment!
Kizaru ordering Doll to go and she says yes sir

Vegapunk: Wouldn’t it be sufficient to only kill me, Saint Saturn?! Various latest research developments from all manners of learning is engraved here on Egghead! If you level this place, the progress of science will fall behind by 100 years!!! Please stop the Buster Call! I beg of you, Kizaru!

Saturn: Is there something that you’re still hiding? I suspect it’s a hindrance to the World Government. Progress is not needed.

Vegapunk: It’s for the sake of humanity…!
Saturn informs Vegapunk that he sent a Marine ship to pursuit the ship that escaped Egghead yesterday. Saturn mentions that there might be someone on board that ship that knows about the Void Century, so in order to leave no survivors, he made the call. Vegapunk is disgusted at Saturn, he says the ones on that ship are innocent and know nothing about the Void Century. Saturn responded that it’s Vegapunk’s fault that he dragged them into this. Just like Ohara, they broke the law and couldn’t overcome their desire for research to dig up the past.
The Pacifistas are ordered to standby within the island. All marine soldiers are ordered to board the ships, battle ships are preparing for bombardment. Sanji tells the others to hurry up and ride the vacuum rocket while Vegapunk is stalling. Bonney asks Sanji “How about Vegapunk?”

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Sanji replies “Don’t worry Bonney-chan, I will definitely bring him with me.

Sanji then contacts Nami and asks for their sitrep. Nami says they already arrived at the backdoor of the Labophase. Nami asks Sanji what’s happening over at their side…
Page 6 – 7

In Labophase, chaos ensues as the Buster Call is initiated, causing panic among the Straw Hat crew. Meanwhile, in the backdoor, Nami expresses concern about Luffy’s safety. Sanji reassures her and updates her on their situation. Nami mentions Zoro still dealing with Lucci, and Jinbe is on his way to stop them . Usopp and Chopper worry about the island’s fate.

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Nami informs Sanji about bringing Sunny, and Lilith stays behind to help Brook. The crew faces the challenge of escaping the Buster Call, but Nami reveals that their original escape plan using the Vegaforce 1 is no longer viable, as it was destroyed by Kizaru. Sanji expresses shock, and Brook adds that moving the ship on land is seemingly impossible.

Despite the obstacles, Lilith praises Brook’s efforts, ensuring a swift arrival at the backdoor. The Straw Hat crew faces the urgency of escaping the impending threat while dealing with the destruction caused by the Buster Call.

Lilith commends Brook for his remarkable feat of freezing the cloud island, and Brook basks in the praise from the world’s genius. However, they face a critical issue—how to stop the ship before it falls. Lilith expresses concern, prompting Brook to realize the urgency of the situation.

An announcement reveals the presence of a barrier surrounding Labophase, triggering the Navy to take action. They attempt to shoot at the barrier and prepare to destroy the central scientific factory and future town. Despite not having boarded yet, the Navy remains vigilant, emphasizing caution regarding the Pacifista.
Page 9

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Vegapunk worried and sad about Egghead

Franky is astounded by the remarkable speed of the Vacuum Rocket
Page 10

kizaru uses Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven (Ama no Murakumo) and destroys the Vacuum Rocket while everyone screams inside it
Last page

Sanji : Damn you Kizaru , Bonney – chan , I’m going after you now

Saturn revels in the destruction caused by the Pacifista, targeting Bonney and Kuma. He taunts Bonney about the irony of her and him being killed by Kuma’s clone

Vegapunk talking about how he felt when hearing Bonney was a pirate and What if one day, a pacifista with your father appearance has been given order To shoot his own daughter without realized it!!!

Navi trying to capture Luffy

in the End The navy failed to shoot the escaped ship and want to contact Kizaru

Navy : They are heading into Egghead

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